PB-1 Point Blank Layout Boats

​​WhiteCap14  is a one man layout boat designed for the biggest water out there. The size and shape of the whitecap14 allows the hunter to hunt longer in some of the toughest conditions that most layout cant withstand. Its Higher profile and overall length allows for the use of no spray curtain, shedding the waves off the back keeping the gunner dry and comfortable. The haul of the WhiteCap14 is designed for High speed towing yet allowing the layout to sit flush on the water eliminating any shadows. Don't let the size fool you this layout is designed to put you in the water ware the birds want to be and not were you can only go. Features include molded backrest, hatch cover,  tie down cleats.

Dimensions are   ( 5' W  x 14' L) and only 17" above the water line. Weight: 220Lbs.

​Lifetime warranty on any manufacturer defects.

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Whitecap14, Point Blank Layout Boats

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​​​PB-1  is a one man layout boat designed for the serious waterfowlers. Built with only the finest materials on the market, Point Blank Layout boats will be the last layout you will ever have to buy. Features include molded in backrest, spray dodger, molded in gun rest, tie down cleats and grab handles. The deeper drop box allow for foot room and comfort for even the tallest hunters. The PB-1 is designed to be towed behind the tender yet still light enough to haul on board.

Dimensions are   ( 5'W  x 10'6"L) and only 8.5" above the water line.


​Lifetime warranty on any manufacturer defects.